Standard & Strange: Runabout

Runabout is an American made brand that specializes in everyday basics that are manufactured to last in the great outdoors. Short-sleeve sweater? Yes please.

Made by:
Sold by:

Vacation Shirt – Brown Floral Print


Honest Henley – Oatmeal


Spectator Jacket – Sage Green


Oxnard Popover Shirt – Milk


Fraternity Sweatshirt – Moss Green


Striker Pocket Tee – Glacier Blue

Standard & Strange: TSPTR

TSPTR: Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste and Recognition. These are the five design principles of Louis Sullivan, ‘the father of skyscrapers’. Urban modernism is a shock, yes. Pop culture junk and anti-social juxtaposition defines this brand’s style.

Don’t be surprised if I end up buying the Rat Tee.

Made By:
Sold By:


Mickey Rat x S&S Tee – Grey


Creem Tee


California Tee




Spooky Tee


The New Sound Tee

Standard & Strange: Eastman Leather

Eastman Leather makes high quality reproductions of WWII vintage clothes. Their USAAF Squadron Patches look great. Authentic and authentically over the top like the Simpson’s “Flying Hellfish.”

Made by:
Sold by:

USAAF Squadron Patch – 6th Fighter Squadron


USAAF Squadron Patch – 326th Bomb


USAAF Squadron Patch – Flying Tiger AVG


Flying HellFish